Sunday, December 02, 2007

Web site

I have been working on my web site and now I remeber why I HATE working on web sites. I am old school.. give me print to design. But I can only thank Rob M. I have basicaly had to rob Rob to get this site going. Simple and clean. I am hoping that my work will pop more and be less of a web page and more of a portfolio!


TPD said...

Hey Man,..long time no hear! Hope all is better now with you! Your site looks great! I hate looking at sites that are overloaded with so much crap that it's hard to figure out where one needs to begin and end. Your site is clean and I'm digg'n the monster stuff. Looking cool! Bring back the snowman too and all will be complete!


Pocza said...

Thanks for checking it out. And glad you dig it. I still need to load some other pages, but had to get the ball rolling.
How are you? let me know what you are up to!!