Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pre-mature post

Not done with this spot, but kinda dig it so I wanted to throw up a WIP for it. Not sure how I like working in PS. But again, out of my comfort zone with this style. So it will take me some steady practice to get to where I want to be with it. But I hope you dig it all the same. Inspiration for this? Well, I live in rainy Seattle and coffee.. yummmm.


Eric Merced said...

What I think makes this style interesting is the hand inks, and the textures. But it always takes some time to get the hang of things when you are trying for something new. Keep at it!

Mark Monlux said...

I'm thinking about expanding my file of textures. In the past I've just scanned things around the house like cookie sheets and the like. What are some of your tricks? By the way, saw your blog address posted on your profile on the Create Magazine Network.