Friday, March 21, 2008

The Red Raven

So thi stime, for my "designer notes" characters, I had to do a little fella named the Red Raven. he is pretty much a Robin Hood knock off. I have always known that there are really no original ideas any more. Just how we "spin" that idea makes it a little new. I will try to post a page of one of the modules so you can see how damn small these bad boys actually print. And then you can see why I have no room for them to do any action at all!
All in all, I kind dig the Red Raven. Simple and clean. But where does one get red feathers?


Mark Monlux said...

He looks a wee bit like Kirk Douglas. I believe Sparticus would dip his feathers in the blood of his enemies.

Pocza said...

HA, that is too funny! Good old Sparticus.