Monday, December 22, 2008

My Merry little Christmas!

Snowed in here in the Seattle area, and I could make it into work. So made my holiday card. Hope you enjoy.


Koldo said...

Lovely card David!
We got a lot more snow up in Bellingham but we managed to get down Seattle's airport and go through the delay madness without a problem heading to Colorado's snowy mountains!

A snow year is a good year, they say :)

Pocza said...

LOL.. its Drew.
But thanks so much. I appreciate the feedback. The freak snowstorm here really got me inspired. Especially since there was no way to get to

Todd Dolce' said...

Once again David,...I mean Drew,...this is great work!!! I hope your son is doing well. I was not aware that he had some health issues. Still looking for your new web comic. Can't wait!

Louis said...

Your work on your blog and your site is great.

Pocza said...