Thursday, July 17, 2008

oooze Mephit

About that time, well seems like a longer though to get to do a small illo for PAizo Publishing. We are moving the module form a monthly to a bi-monthly product. So, that means I don't get to do a monthly monster. Poop. They are fun to do, and I try to pack in as much detail as I can for something printing at the size of a stamp.

Originally, I was going to do a Chimera. Since module is called Chimera Cove, and the sped that gave me the art order did into include an illustration of any Chimera, I thought it would be cool to do one for my designer note monsters. Well, Chimeras are complex and since I really have a tiny amount of space, I did the ooze mephit. BAsically, and ooze imp.

Some day, it sure would be fun do get some gigs doing stuff other than cute

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