Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Jesus Project: Part one

The Jesus Project. A series based on Jesus, for kids, but I'm hoping people of all ages will like it. At this point, I have NO direction. Just starting out with a character development of Jesus. Originally, I wanted to have Jesus skipping rocks as he walked across the Sea of Galilee. And I may go back to that, but wanted to nail down a style.

A. Basic clean, bold line work. With this work, I feel like I can add more personality. It would also make for a great coloring book if I turned off the color layers.

B. I love the warm, friendly feeling of the line work here. Not as much detail, but the inky line work looks old. It, could be interesting to have old world treatments to the line work and place that on parchment/scroll paper... and wow.

Again, no direction aside from, make Cute Jesus art. Once I get a few pictures done, I will see where this takes me.

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