Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jesus Project: Part two. Markers

Since starting this project, I have been using digital illustration. But I wanted to try it with traditional materials. I don't feel like my hand drawn work is my strongest, so I don't do it much. I do however, LOVE the organic feel and raw nature of it. That alone covers my feeling of inadequacy over it.

My marker style was picked up mentally over 25 years ago. I never did any marker work back then, but was so enthused by Vaughn Bodes work in underground comics that it made an imprint on my brain. It was never my intention to rob the style, but  I do feel like I "made it my own" though. Vaughn was a master.

So, I got it out of me. I did it traditionally. I like it and hope you do. If I were to do more in markers, I would want to work bigger. The size I am working at now is too small for some of the markers, and it shows off the bleeding ink that gets absorbed. I never felt more confident in my work than with the computer, but again, love the specialness that hand hewn work can produce.

I'm also thinking beyond the Jesus Project. I can see doing a few more of the illustrations, but the entire Bible has so much to offer. How cool would it be to do a kids Bible? VERY.

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